We've begun the process of building a singular, powerful team that spans from the pitch to the boardroom. This group is more than mere investors. Everyone involved cares deeply about the city of Chicago and the success of the Chicago Red Stars, the NWSL, and women's sports. It's time for the Red Stars to shine even brighter.

-Arnim Whisler

We know how important it is for people to invest, support and advance women's sports. We live it. As two professional athletes, we have had two vastly different experiences in professional sports and know we need to invest in women's sports if we want to close the gap on the opportunities and resources men and women are provided on the pitch, field, court and ice. As kids, we grew up 15 minutes south of the Chicago Red Stars home and we are so excited to join the ownership group of the oldest and winningest pro women's soccer team in the United States. #MKOT

-Kendall & Michael Schofield

I love Chicago and after being a player for so many years, I'm excited about the opportunity to engage the sports community on a different level as part of the Red Stars ownership group. This city has the greatest sports fans, and we look forward to celebrating more wins with them.

-Israel Idonije

As a lifelong athlete, avid supporter of women's sports and die-hard Chicago sports fan, it's a thrill to have the opportunity to represent my city in an ownership role and help grow and nurture the oldest and most successful franchise in the NWSL. I'm excited to be a part of the changing face at the top of sports and hope to inspire more ownership rooms across both men's and women's professional sports to better reflect the diversity within their team's ranks.

-Sarah Spain

I am thrilled to be joining the Red Stars family. As a lifelong fan of the sport, the opportunity to advocate for the best athletes in the world is a dream come true. To be in the position to support other women both on and off the pitch is something I am extremely grateful for. The organization, players, and fans in Chicago are world class and I'm excited to be able to invest in the vision and future of women's soccer right here at home.

-Colleen Mares

As a Chicago native who has spent a large majority of my career working in Sports and Media, the opportunity to become a minority owner and support one of the most vibrant sports cities in the world was an easy decision. The NWSL has a massive fan base that is rapidly scaling, with the Chicago Red Stars having all the right ingredients to fuel the future of the game.

I'm looking forward to helping pave the path to open more opportunities for women athletes everywhere. It's an exciting time to support the incredible momentum in women's sports.

-Julie Haddon

I am excited and honored to be a part of the amazing group of investors involved with the Chicago Red Stars. Not only is it an investment in Chicago, but in the future of women's sports.

-Marie Tillman

When the opportunity arose to be a part of an exceptional ownership group of a professional sports franchise in my hometown, for a sport that I love, I could not pass it up. Our three children have been playing soccer since they were toddlers. I want them to learn from these incredible role model athletes on the Red Stars and to see first-hand how with hard work and dedication your dreams can become a reality. I hope to bring my tech and entrepreneurial spirit to help continue to grow and strengthen this incredibly talented club. 

-Kevin Willer

Starting with my elementary school days fighting for the girls to be included in recess kickball games, I've always worked to create and support opportunities for women to pursue their dreams. I'm thrilled to support the Chicago Red Stars, the oldest and winningest pro women's soccer team in the U.S., and I look forward to seeing the Red Stars and the NWSL thrive and attract new fans.

-Jessie Becker

My family is delighted and humbled by the opportunity to join the ownership group of the Chicago Red Stars. We're transplanted Chicagoans and longtime fans of women's soccer. The chance to support the Red Stars in the most fundamental way possible and to participate in the vibrant and passionate Chicago sports scene is a dream come true for us. As proud members of the US Hispanic community, soccer is in our DNA, and we look forward to opening doors for more Latino representation at the ownership level of professional sports in the USA.

-Abel Lezcano

I am excited to lend my full support to help the Red Stars become a vibrant entity within Chicago's diverse community of sports fans for generations to come and elevate the aspirations of women soccer players on a national and global stage.

-Jordan Levin

As a father of two daughters, I am excited to support an organization that personifies and supports equality and opportunity. This girl dad can't wait to bring his girls to games and cheer on the Red Stars!

-David Zapata

The NWSL is top-to-bottom the best women's soccer league in the world, and the Chicago Red Stars are a cornerstone franchise. The opportunity to invest in the Chicago Red Stars is an opportunity to invest in the future of the City of Chicago, especially for our women and girls, and our family is proud to be a part of this mission.

-Brian Walsh

I’m a Chicago native and take great pride in helping secure a spot for the Red Stars in the amazing sports history of our city. I have been an active fan of women’s soccer since the ‘99 U.S. WNT. When my wife was pregnant with our oldest daughter, we had the good fortune of meeting Mia Hamm who signed an autograph for my daughter before she was even born. She and her sister both grew up to be soccer players. I managed their teams and I watched them struggle to find acceptance, field space, and everything their male counterparts took for granted. The time for inequality is over. I am thrilled to be a part of the future of women’s sports.”

-Michael Raimondi

As a lifelong player and fan, this opportunity fulfills a desire to give back to a sport that has helped me in many ways become more complete as a person. Our collective investment provides the greater Chicago community continued access to see the best female players in the world play the beautiful game and will bring more championships to our great city!

-Dean Egerter

In 2007, as the father of four athletic, soccer-playing, teen and near-teen daughters, I was excited by Arnim's vision to bring a successful, highly regarded, women's professional soccer team to Chicago. Through the hard work of Arnim, Rory and many tremendous players, coaches and staff members, that vision has become a reality. I'm proud to be a part of it.

-Steve Ritchie

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