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Chicago Red Stars Fall to Angel City 1-0

CHICAGO, Ill. August 14, 2022) - The Chicago Red Stars fell to Angel City FC 1-0 tonight. The club continues its road trip next week when the Red Stars take on North Carolina Courage August 20.


5’ Danny Colaprico finds an open Sam Fisher who takes a shot but isn’t able to make it bend enough to find the back of the net

‘16 Tatumn Milazzo finds Sarah Luebbert with a nice lead pass that gets Luebbert to ACFC's box, but she's dropped in the box without a call

19’ The ball rattles around Chicago’s box and heads dangerously towards goal, but Alyssa Naeher is able to stretch to her left and push it out of harms way

25' Luebbert gets a shot off that is deflected by ACFC's keeper and St-Georges is a tad late to capitalize on the rebound

47’ ACFC’s McCaskill touches it past Naeher to get Angel City on the board

50' Angel City breaks away for a run down the wing, but Milazzo makes a great slide to stop the run

60’ Zoe Morse and Milazzo step up big defensively to stop two shots from Angel City’s forwards in front of goal

84’ Sarah Griffith gets a clean strike at goal, but Angel City’s defender puts their body in front of it to stop the danger


  • Chicago was able to dominate possession 56.4 to 43.6 percent, as well as out touch the ball in Angel City’s box, 35 to 19

  • Despite the loss, Chicago’s defense proved to be gritty, winning back possession 32 to times between the three defenders

  • In addition to making her presence felt on defense, Milazzo led the team tonight with 95 touches. Colaprico followed with 71 touches of her own

Next Game

North Carolina Courage vs. Chicago Red Stars August 20, 2022, 6:00 p.m. CT at Wakemed Soccer Park

Goals by Half

1 2 F

CHI 0 0 0

ACFC 0 1 1

Scoring Summary:


ACFC: ‘48 McCaskill

Disciplinary Report


ACFC: 53’ Lussi


CHI: Alyssa Naeher, Zoe Morse, Arin Wright (Aguilera), Tatumn Milazzo, Bianca St-Georges (Kowalski), Danielle Colaprico, Vanessa DiBernardo, Sarah Luebbert (Hill), Yuki Nagasato, Ava Cook (Stevens) , Samantha Fisher (Griffith)

ACFC: Haracic, Lussi, Reid, Neilsen, Riley, Endo (Spencer), Rocarro, weatherholt, McCaskill (Nabet), Emslie (Le Bihan), Charley (Taylor)

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