The CRS Cares foundation was established to provide programming and opportunities designed to empower and uplift members of our community – particularly women and those from marginalized populations – on the field, at the table, and in the community.

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This pillar is committed to ensuring everyone feels welcomed, respected, supported, valued, and able to fully participate in our community. Diversity & Inclusion will encompass a variety of year-round programming dedicated to appreciating, empowering, and celebrating individuals and communities and the differences that make them who they are.


This pillar is committed to celebrating and elevating women from all walks of life. Empowering Women will feature year-round programming designed to build strength and confidence in women and girls alike and to afford them opportunities to dream big and achieve their goals. 


This pillar is committed to empowering and uplifting traditional and non-traditional family units alike. Youth & Family will be built on year-round programming designed to bring families together and provide the next generation with access to all aspects of the sport. 

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Charitable Tickets 

The Red Stars make a limited number of tickets available to qualified charities for each home match. The supply of charitable tickets is limited and requests are reviewed in the order they are received. Requests for date-specific tickets are not guaranteed.


Charitable Fundraising 

This program allows your charity to earn up to $5 per game ticket purchased through your organization as a donation to your charity.  

In order to qualify for either of these programs, your charity must be officially registered as a non-profit organization 

Charitable Donations & Fundraising Inquiries

CRS Cares Partners

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